The National Lottery will delight their fans with great profits.They will opened 12 new stands in FANTASTICO stores.


When somebody purchase products worth 5 lev they will participate in a special game and can grab a splendid bonus win or be included in the draw for a brand new Citroen C-Elysee and cash prizes totaling 10,000 lev.

The wins are: 12 LED TV 40 “, 12 laptops, 12 tablet, smartphone 12. And more great t-shirts with the image of legendary footballer Hristo Stoichkov, notebooks with pens and cups National Lottery.

And here are the latest stands in Fantastico:

From 3 to April 17 – Fantastico distr.Drujba 1, №03 Tirana str.
From 3 to April 17 – Fantastico, Mladost 3, 102 str.
From 7 to April 21 – №87A bul. Simeonovsko shosse
From April 18 to May 2 – Fantastico №15 Sveti Kliment Ohridski blv.
From April 18 to May 2 – Fantastico, distr. Lyulin 6, Dzhavaharlal Neru str., against bl. 604
From April 28 to May 12 – Fantastico, distr. Mladost 4 to block 405
From May 3 to May 17 – Fantastico distr. Boyana, blvd. №64 Alexander S. Pushkin
From May 8 to May 22 – Fantastico, distr. Lyulin 1, Konstantin Konstantinov str., bl. 6
From May 22 to June 5 – Fantastico, distr. Nadezhda 3, bul. Han Kubrat, bl. 301
From June 12 to June 26 – Fantastico, distr. Mladost 4, №15 Dr Atanas Moskov str.
From June 16 to June 30 – Fantastico, distr. Nadezhda 1, St. Lyutibrodski and  Tsarevets str.
From June 23 to July 7 – Fantastico distr. Ovcha Kupel, №46A Ljubljana str.

Participants can participate in the draw for great Citroen C-Elysee and cash prizes totaling 10,000 lev all shelves National Lottery in the country. Coupons for participation in the draw will be able to receive the tills of shops Fantastico where there are lucky lottery booth.

The draw for big gains will be drawn on July 11, 2017 Good luck to all participants!