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Запишете желаните от вас продукти за пазаруване и ги споделете с останалите членове на семейството.


Bochko week

29 September 2017

From September 29th to October 5th all  Bochko products are with special, lower prices in the nearest Fantasiko.

BOCHKO, caring for nature!



23 September 2017

For six days / Friday Sathurday, Sunday – 30.09, 01.20, 02.10, and Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays -07.10, 08.10 and 09.10 / you can try tasty Bavarian delights.

See which stores, you can taste them:

F19 / sq. Boyana, blvd. Al.S Pushkin №64 /

F21 / sq. Mladost 4, St. Dr. Atanas Moskov № 15 /

F22 / jk. Studentski Grad, St. Akd.Boris Stefanov №12 /

F30 / sq. Dragalevci, Black Peak №204 /

F33 /bul.Simeonovsko time №87A /

F38 / sq. Ovcha Kupel, Liublyana № 42A /



Delimano Gourmet

08 September 2017

Are you here, gourmet chefs? Are you ready for our special discounts? See how you can make the most sophisticated presentation of your culinary masterpiece with Delimano Gourmet high quality and stylish cutlery, which you can get at half price from Fantastico! Learn more here >>>


Orehite Week

07 September 2017

Week of delicacies “Orehite” in Fantastico. From 7th to 13th September, do not miss the special prices of all Orechite products in Fantastico stores only.

Experience the secret of the Dobroudja master and enjoy the authentic taste of delicacies “Orechite”.



27 April 2017

Week of sausages  KEN in FANTASTICO. From 27th April  to 3rd May  – KEN products are with special, tempting prices – only in FANTASTICO.
With KEN each day since 1991