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We asked our employees seven questions regarding their work in  “Fantastico”:

1. How long have you work in TV ‘Fantastico’? Where and at what position started?
2. What current employment situation?
3. Are there satisfaction in your work?
4. What most appeals to them in their daily work?
5. What stimulates them to work for TV ‘Fantastico’?
6. What are their plans for the future?
7. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


worker1Rossen Iliev 34 y.o – Store manager

I work in ‘Fantastico’ since September 1999 – has thirteen years. I started as a “piccolo” in stores in the quarter. “Hadji Dimitar”. Then there was this post and my obligation was to fill the bags with purchases klientite.Ot five years working as a “manager” shop “Fantastico” in bc “Mladost 4” before that I was and “seller” and “marchandayzar” and “deputy governor” .Namiram satisfaction in their work, the more I do this already thirteen years.In the work I most like contact with different people, work with my staff and the dynamics of working myasto.Stimuli to work in TV ‘Fantastico’ give me three basic things: strict rules of operation, the exact and correct pay and ability to learn new things and professional razvitie.Planovete I have to keep working for TV “Fantastico” .In my free time I like to travel around the country.



Petya Plworker3iucharska 30 y.-store manager

Work in “Fantastico” 11 years – from 10.10.2001 started as a salesman sector “Cosmetics” in stores in the district “Liulin 6”; continued to develop as a deputy manager at the store in the district “Dragalevtsi” and today I’m the manager of the hypermarket in the district “Liulin 6”.
If I find satisfaction in your work? Definitely “Yes”! I like the fact that I work with many people. Make decisions, I like even tension in my work. Eleven years working in TV “Fantastico” are eloquent proof of this.
There are many things of everyday life, which I like, but perhaps the most is working with people – contact with customers and colleagues.
To work in the “Fantastico” spurred me first payment, which is good and always on time, and secondly – the possibility of development. Here I started as a salesman, I went through the office “cashier”, “deputy governor” and I’m “manager” of a shop with a staff of 100 people.
I have plans each person. Work on – I want to continue working in TV “Fantastico” because I like what I do and feel the pleasure of a job well done.
Spend my free time for cinema, fitness and fun with friends.


kirchoKiril Todorov – 24 y.o -commercial assistant

I work in TV “Fantastico” almost five years. I started the position of “seller” in stores in the quarter “Studentski grad”, went through position “merchandiser” and now working on the position “Sales Associate” sector “Fruits and Vegetables” at the headquarters of the chain.
I love my job. I like the team, I work and their colleagues from other departments.
For work in “Fantastico” spurred me good pay and flexible working hours.
My plans for the future are to continue working in the chain and to grow in it.
In his spare time playing sports, active athlete I – acrobat, won races.




Daniel Minchev, 24, a night charge

Work in “Fantastico” of about four years. First started as a salesman sector “Alcohol” in stores in the quarter “Studentski grad”, now again work in it, but the night shift – as a night charge, which is something like a manager of the store at night. Night work is work-related convening a different mode of rest, work and sleep, but it gives me an opportunity to stand alone while learning.
I like a lot of work, although it is not easy. This helps me best team I work with.
The incentive for me to work in TV “Fantastico” is the opportunity for professional development, I want to continue to grow.
In the near future work in “Fantastico” will continue to satisfy me, and for the distant future still do not have plans.
Spare time I spend with rod in hand – an avid fisherman I am.




Vladimir Valchev, 32, accountant

I started working in TV “Fantastico” about 11 years as controller-guard in the shop in the district of “Krasna Polyana”.
I’m an accountant at the Head Office of the Chain. My work is strenuous and involves gastropods responsibilities, but I’m happy with the conditions and the team I work.
At work I most like the ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds, employees of banks, NRA, NSSI and the accounting departments of companies we work with.
Work in such a large and rapidly growing company has an incentive to give the best of yourself. But in most stimulates me good pay and the opportunity to develop in the company hierarchy.
As every young person, and my plans are connected with family and career.
In my free time I like to dance Bulgarian folk dances.





Lenko Dundakov, 31, manager of a supermarket

1. I work in Fantastico 11 years. Began in fiction jk “Buxton” to the position seller “milk” sector.
2. I am currently manager of Fantastico F30.
3. The fact that one of the few companies in which your development depends solely on your own skills and willingness to work. Course and luck.
4. The dynamics and work with people of the shop staff and suppliers and are some of the things that most I like to work.
5. The financial compensation and the correct attitude of the management to the staff.
6. Professionally I hope to continue to work in TV and Fantastico far as to feel satisfied with a job well done. Personally – to take care of my daughter and watch grow.
7. I love to travel, to meet with friends and going to the gym.




Alexandra Petrova – 21 years, treasurer

I work in TV “Fantastico” of 2 years and 3 months. I started at the shop in the district “Hope 1” to the position “treasurer”.
Currently working as a “trainer treasurer” of the Central office of the Chain.
Yes, I find satisfaction in their work because of imposed rules and dedication to customers.
I like the dynamics of the workplace and the contact with different clients and colleagues in the stores.
Stimulates me good and fair pay and of course the opportunity for professional development.
In the future I plan to continue working in the chain in order razvitie.Obicham challenges and each new step in the work gives me more incentive and more willing to give the best of yourself.
Free time I prefer to spend with your family and friends.