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Запишете желаните от вас продукти за пазаруване и ги споделете с останалите членове на семейството.

“The history speaks”

Chain Stores “Fantastico” was founded in 1991 by opening the first supermarket of the chain at 72 Oborischte Street. Thus the company began its development and today it operates 40 supermarkets . All retail outlets are situated on the territory of Sofia and by the end of 2006 “Fantastico” expanded its structure with its first outlet out of Sofia, namely in Kyustendil.


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„In present days”

All supermarkets of the chain are built in conformity with the world trends and local normative requirements in respect to the equipment and service. They are distinguished by specific modern vision of the interior that provides exclusiveness, warmth, coziness and comfort of each shop.

The hypermarkets offer a rich variety of more than 20000 types of products, including bio foods and drinks, diet and diabetic products and culinary stand with cooked dishes, freshly baked bread, bakery products and meat delicatessen.

„With care for our customer”

“Fantastico” stores are equipped with ATMs, POS terminals for payment by international and national credit and debit cards. Customers of the stores may do their shopping with food cheques of state organizations and private companies as well as with food vouchers.

A great number of the supermarkets are offering wide range of additional services, namely:

Bank offices
Children’s playground
Photo services
Dry cleaning
Coffee shops
Parking area
TV Cable operator offices
Easy Pay – postal money transfers and payment services
Insurance offices

„Constantly developing”

“Fantastico” retail outlets employ more than 2 400 persons and each of them has a chance for professional carrier and development.

The company is sponsoring in different ways and supports foundations, children’s houses, sports events; it is a general sponsor of “Fantastico Open” bowling tournaments and other events of public importance.

For achieving positive market results “Fantastico” chain stores makes all efforts to provide high quality service to its customers. Every 7 days is issued a special promotion brochure “Fantastico Post” which presents various products with attractive prices.

„Private labels”

Since August 2004 the company has successfully designed for own brands under which are produced food, household products and animal food FFTaste, FFHome, FF4paws and FFBoutique, which are aimed at achieving high quality and lowest price class with the exception of FFBoutique which fall into the higher price segment.

„The convenience of shopping”

The business hour of the retail outlets takes into consideration the needs of the customers in order to provide maximum comfort and facilitation.